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Announcing Systems

Announcing systems for both surface ships and submarines include amplifiers and control systems for surface ships, AN/WIC intercommunication systems for submarines, loudspeakers, and microphones.

AN/SIA-120B Amplifier-Control Group
Dynalec part #60555-000

Download AN/SIA-120B pdf product datasheet [120k]


  • 40 Watts continuous audio power through two modular solid state amplifiers for shipboard announcing.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other equipment for 2MC, 26MC, and 29MC circuit capability.
  • Input facilities for five microphone control stations and one alarm oscillator group.
  • Output facilities for five local loudspeakers (for each microphone station) and for five loudspeaker groups in the announcing system.
  • Busy indicator circuit; remote control extension circuits; alarm input priority.
  • Cable entrance plates top and bottom; drop down front panel for easy interior access.
  • Meets environmental requirements of MIL-I-983.

AN/SIA-123 Amplifier/Oscillator Group

Download AN/SIA-123 Amplifier/Oscillator Group PDF Product Datasheet [185K]


  • Comprises a shipboard announcing system for 1MC and 6MC Circuits.
  • 1MC Circuit provides facilities for Alarm and General Announcing transmissions, 6MC Circuit provides intership announcing capabilities.
  • Provides Collision, Chemical, General, Sonar, and Flight Crash alarms.
  • Provisions for connection of four Microphone Control Stations, Type IC/MSB-2, for 1MC Circuit announcing. Station No. 1 also can transmit on the 6MC Circuit.
  • Provisions for five 1MC Circuit Loudspeaker Groups and one 6MC Circuit Loudspeaker Group (Bullhorn).
  • Additional facilities for muting or attenuating the Ship's Entertainment System and also for operating a Visual Alarm Indicator.
  • Incorporates dual channel design in conjunction with manually operated transfer switches to perform the operation and testing function of the 1MC and 6MC Circuits.
  • All necessary transferring switching and testing circuitry are located on the control panel.


Digital Integrated Announcing System Amp/Osc Group

Download Digital Integrated Announcing System Amp/Osc Group PDF Product Datasheet [161K]


  • Fault monitoring, heatsink temperatures and speaker loads for each amplifier viewable via front panel LCD.
  • Announcing group assignment for each amplifier configured via front panel LCD and encoder.
  • Interfaces with E&M trunk lines or 2 analog lines for announcements through the PBX.
  • Provides up to 3,000 watts of audio power via 250 watt Class D amplifier modules based on a continuous sinusoidal 1 KHz input signal at 65°C.
  • Amplifiers provide for dynamic attenuation with excessive loading and automatic disconnection from load for short circuit protection.
  • Modular amplifiers include the capability of automatically switching the load from a faulty amplifier to a spare.
  • Amplifier accepts digital, line level, 10 Vrms or 70 Vrms input levels
  • Amplifier chassis fits in standard EIA 19" rack.
  • Replaces the equivalent legacy equipment: (Qty 3 AM-2316E/SIA 1,000 watt amplifiers and Qty 1 AN/SIA-114, AN/SIA-117 or AN/SIA-118amplifier-oscillator control group.)



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