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Indication and Alarm Panels

Airflow Indicator Panel
Dynalec part #62413-100

Download Airflow Indicator Panel PDF Product Datasheet [290K]


This microprocessor based monitoring system precisely monitors the airflow in air, ventilation and exhaust ducts. The unit provides local and remote, audible and visual alarms for loss of power, low airflow and for sensor failure.

Alarm Generator
Dynalec part #61601-000

Download Alarm Generator PDF Product Datasheet [90K]


  • Adds the alarm generator capability to the Amplifier-Control Group AN/SIA-120B
  • Compact design provides for up to five alarm modules and power control unit with all operator and test controls.
  • Alarm modules are plug-in type for easy removal.
  • Unit contains three alarms with three redundant ones.

Digital Indicator Panels
Dynalec part #62416-000 thru 62416-700

Download Digital Indicator Panels PDF Product Datasheet [552K]


  • Busy indicator circuit; remote control extension circuits; alarm input priority Microprocessor-controlled unit.
  • Operates on 115VAC, 60Hz input power via MS3406DJ14S-2S connector.
  • Interfaces with shipboard DMS system's RS-422 interface via MS3406DJ18-1S data connector (capable of supporting 2 simultaneous interfaces and decoding data independently for each indicator).
  • Separate adjustable panel (dial and legends) and digital display dimmer controls (dimmable to a full off position).
  • "TEST" button to test digital display segments and zero-reading indication.
  • Electro-mechanically driven analog dial.
  • Available in Single, Dual, and Quad configurations (see Related Equipment List below).

IC/SM Alarm Switchboards
Dynalec part #62404-300 thru 62404-308

Download IC/SM Alarm Switchboards PDF Product Datasheet [435K]


  • The IC/SM Alarm Switchboard enables one operator to monitor equipment functions or environmental conditions of remote equipment.
  • The switchboard may be connected to mechanical, electrical, electronic, electromechanical, and environment-sensing equipment.
  • The number of functions and/or conditions that may be monitored depends upon the number of alarm modules ordered.
  • System includes a NiCad battery-powered alarm to indicate that ship's power supply to the switchboard has been interrupted.
  • Equipment is housed in non-magnetic aluminum cabinets.

Synchro Based Ship's Course Indicators

Download Synchro Based Ship's Course Indicators PDF Product Datasheet [733K]


Ship's Course Indicators (SCI) function as remote repeaters to indicate the ship's heading or course-to-steer. These devices may be installed at any desired location on the ship and oriented at the location in any convenient direction.

Synchro Signal Amplifiers

Download Synchro Signal Amplifiers PDF Product Datasheet [402K]


The purpose of these Synchro Signal Amplifiers is to increase the capacity of a synchro signal transmission system, to convert synchro data from one transmission frequency to another and to isolate the input synchro signal bus from electrical oscillations reflected from the load synchros.

Wing Products

Download Wing Products PDF Product Datasheet [708K]


The Wing IC/SM Alarm Switchboard provides a central point for monitoring and alarming important conditions including fire, smoke, excessive temperature, pressure and improper levels. The switchboard is connected to any combination of remote sensors and provides both visual and audible warnings of abnormal conditions.


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