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Ancillary Devices
H-275/U Headset/Microphone [215K] 
M-131A/WIC Magnetic Microphone [126K]

Announcing System Equipment
AN/SIA-120B Amplifier-Control Group [120K]
   Dynalec part #60555-000
AN/SIA-123 Amplifier/Oscillator Group [185K]
   Dynalec part #61131
Digital Integrated Announcing System Amp/Osc Group [161K]
   various configurations
Alarm Generator [90K]
  Dynalec part #61601-000

Communication Terminals & Equipment
Modified Lucent 8411 Telephone Set (IP/IC Functionality) [282K] Dynalec part #65032-200 
Weatherproof Analog Phone Terminal [209K]
   Dynalec part #65032-300
Interior Voice Communication System (IVCS) Components [256K] various part numbers
Extension Signal Relay [126K]
   Dynalec part #65150-205
Intercom Station: LS-518/519 [89K]
   Dynalec part #61690-600/61690-700

Digital Conferencing Equipment
Digital Conferencing and Switching System Conference Controller [84K] 
Digital Conferencing and Switching System 96 (DCSS 96) [86K] 
Digital Conferencing and Switching System 240e-ns (DCSS 240e-ns) [95K]

Electric Tachometer Corporation
Parts Information

IC Switchboards
Main IC Switchboards No.1 and No.2 [246K]
   Dynalec part #66729-000 and 66730-000 
Linear Switches & Switching Equipment [4.8M]
   various part numbers 

Indicator Panels
Airflow Indicator Panel [290K]
   Dynalec part #62413-100
Digital Indicator Panels [552K]
   Dynalec part #62416-000 thru 62416-700
IC/SM Alarm Switchboards [435K]
   Dynalec part #62404-300 thru 62404-308
Integrated Alarm Terminal [198K]
   Dynalec part #62404-900
Synchro Based Ship's Course Indicators [733K]
   various part numbers
Synchro Signal Amplifiers [402K]
   various part numbers
Wing Products [708K]
   various part number

Loudspeakers/Amplified Loudspeakers
Flight Deck 10W Loudspeakers [94K]
  Dynalec part #61701-000
LS-305/LS-306 Loudspeakers [224K]
  Dynalec part #61720-350-01 and -02
LS-387B 7.5W Loudspeaker [448K]
   Dynalec part #61716-200
6W Amplified Loudspeaker [199K]
   Dynalec part #61720-400-01/05
DY-415 Amplified Loudspeaker [198K]
   Dynalec part #61720-300
LS-657A Loudspeaker [274K]
   Dynalec part #61721-000
LS-657C Loudspeaker [223K]
   Dynalec part #61721-100

Sound Powered Telephone Equipment
Sound Powered Telephone Systems Product Brochure [1.9MB]
Industrial Sound Powered Telephone Systems [2.2MB]
Sound Powered Telephone Amplifier [73K]
Technical Characteristics of Sound Powered Telephone Equipment [113K]
Instruction Sheet for H-200/U Headset/Chestset [406K]
Instruction Sheet for IC/D Call Signal Station [1.0M]
Instruction Sheet for H-203/U Handset [329K]

Wire-Free Products
Wireless Fixed Base Unit/Control Antenna Unit [100K]
   Dynalec part #'s 62325-100/-150

For technical information regarding these products or products not listed here, please contact us.



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